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About Us

The purpose of this blog is to document our family doing something we truly love.

We are also hoping to encourage those with children who are nervous to step outside of their comfort zone to get outdoors with their families, even if it’s pure chaos.

We want to inspire those without children that even though you may lose parts of yourself in parenthood (if you’re wanting children or unsure), please know you can still do things that you enjoy albeit with a little extra chaos in the mix.

 You can learn from the mistakes we make along the way to make your camping less chaotic, as well as join us in celebrating our wins!

Check out our blog post on the Trip That Inspired it All!

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Our Happy Campers

Ashley- Momma, wife, Nurse and freelance writer. Favorite multiday hikes are the West Coast Trail and Inca Trail. Loves her boys, traveling, and a good book.

Ryan- Dadda, husband, and business man. Favorite location: Anywhere out of cell range!


G 1- Turned 3 years old last summer, started camping at 3 weeks old, loves the outdoors and terrorizing his younger brother. 

G 2- 1 years old, has been camping since 3 months old,  and gets a free ride on long hikes (lucky kid).

Cherry- Our sweet Formosan Mountain Dog. She was rescued off the streets of Taipei 8 years ago. She loves napping, following Momma around, and is always ready for an adventure (especially if it involves snacks).

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